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PIGMENT DECO BRUSH - Pigment Brush Marker Set "Vintage"


The perfect brush markers for use on dark surfaces and are definitely one of my favorite pens.

The delicate pastel tones of the vintage set I put together are great for lettering in the 50s style, baby lettering or for Easter.



  • pastel blue
  • pastel green
  • soft peach 1
  • pastel yellow


Pigment DecoBrush markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic, organic pigment-based paint. They are manufactured using what is known as "free-ink" technology, so that the color intensity remains unchanged down to the last drop and the ink output can be monitored continuously.

Pigment DecoBrush Markers can be used on paper, metal, glass, plastic, wood, textiles and many other materials. The markers also create a great effect on dark surfaces thanks to their rich, matt colors.

The color does not show through on thin paper. The use of Pigment DecoBrush markers is similar to that of acrylic paints, but packaged in a convenient marker with a flexible, brush-shaped nylon tip. The colors can be mixed with each other until they are completely dry.

The drying time of the paint depends on the surface on which it is used. The colors can be fixed with commercially available varnishes, by ironing or by placing them in the oven.

KARIN Decobrush Set „Vintage“

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