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The water brush Aquash Brush from Pentel range is a brush pen with a fillable water tank. Simply unscrew, fill with tap water and start painting! The water tank brush is ideal for all wet-on-wet techniques, working with watercolors, watercolor painting and of course for coloring in addition to all water-soluble colors. The water brush is also the perfect addition to the trend topic of hand lettering - by blending water-soluble colors, great color gradients can be created or shadows can be placed behind the writing. Thanks to the variable application possibilities, it is suitable for beginners and students as well as for advanced (hobby) artists. Creative tips - when used on watercolor paper, the best results can be achieved - Simply pour water color or dye ink into the tank and apply with a brush - you can create even backgrounds in no time! - handy for painting outdoors / urban sketching

PENTEL Water Brush


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