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TOMBOW Fudenosuke Calligraphy Pen
Brush Pen HARD, set of 10 colors


With an elastic tip for variability in line width - from very fine to wide. Water based pigment ink. All 10 colors in one set.

Fudenosuke Brush Pen Set of 10. With a flexible brush tip for variability in line width. Hard point for small letters and embellishments. Suitable for calligraphy, hand lettering, sketch notes, doodling and much more. Water-based ink with color pigments. Odorless.

Colors:03 yellow, 07 green, 15 blue, 18 purple, 22 pink, 25 red, 28 orange, 31 brown, 33 black, 49 grey.

TOMBOW Fudenosuke Calligraphy Pen Set of 10

Voraussichtlich lieferbar Ende November 23

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