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Market Info

Market info Stilvoll creative market


Stefanie Batur                           

Rüchligstrasse 10                     

8912 Obfelden                           

Telephone: 076 297 21 75   


Maja Micanovic

Räschstrasse 10

8912 Obfelden

Telephone: 079 718 58 97



1 - Offer and presentation:

The creative market offers you a platform where you can present and sell your home-made treasures in addition to meeting an interested public.

Only handmade goods and accessories for the production of art and handicrafts are offered. Mass-produced goods are not permitted.

Your products will be offered in the allocated space on the table provided (220 x 80 cm).


2 - Set-up, dismantling, procedure

The hall is available for set-up in the morning from 08:00 to 10:00.

The market starts at 10:00 am.


To unload your goods, you may use the direct parking spaces in the LUWA area. After the goods have been unloaded, we ask you to move your vehicle quickly to parking spaces in the surrounding area. Your sales area must be set up by 10:00 a.m. on the day of the exhibition.

The hall will be locked overnight. Your goods may remain in the hall, but we accept no liability. Valuables such as cash registers etc. should be taken home in any case.


Stands may only be dismantled after the official opening time.


3 - Registration and deregistration, prices, tables, electricity


The Stilvoll Creative Market takes place on 2 days, Saturday and Sunday.

It is possible to book individual days or both days. The end of the registration period is July 05, 2024.

Due to the limited places available, a selection process will be carried out by the organizer. We attach great importance to a varied offer. After the documents have been checked, applicants will be notified and any confirmation will be issued.

The invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.

Once the invoice has been paid by the payment deadline, the registration is considered binding. If no payment has been made by the end of the payment deadline, the place will be allocated elsewhere. A handling fee of CHF 50 will be charged.

The booked stand space can be canceled by the exhibitor up to 1 month before the start of the market. An administration fee of CHF 50 will be charged.


Saturday table; CHF 145.-

Sunday table; CHF 120.-

Table both days; CHF 250.-



The tables measure 220 x 80 cm and each table comes with a chair. Should you require an additional chair, please contact us.

Extensions that exceed the allocated space must be discussed with the organizer. Additional furniture may be placed next to the tables after consultation with the person next to the table, but a clear passage for visitors and a clear escape route must always be ensured.

Special areas such as own stands or sales trolleys on the outdoor area are possible on request.

The tables must be covered with a floor-length cloth and attractively designed. Please ensure that your supplies are placed under the table and out of sight of customers.


Electricity connections are not available.

4 - Proceeds from sales

All proceeds from the sale of your goods are due in full to the vendor. The organizer assumes no liability for the loss of sales proceeds.

5 - Prohibited articles

The following items are not for sale:

- Weapons of any kind

- pornographic articles of any kind

- Articles with political content

- Articles with inhuman and racist content

- Articles with content that glorifies violence

- Alcohol (except as an additive in e.g. chocolates, chocolate, soaps, etc. in small quantities)

- Drugs in any form


6 - Liability and insurance

The exhibitor is solely liable for theft and economic risks.

Insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

7 - Advertising

Costs for advertising on social networks, in newspapers, flyers, posters, etc. are included in the fees.

To publicize the "Stilvoll Kreativmarkt" across the board, each exhibitor can advertise on homepages and in social networks. The online flyer may be used for these advertising purposes.

8 - Contingencies and organizational matters

The "Stilvoll Creative Market" is held in all weathers, as it takes place in a closed hall.

The organizer reserves the right to adapt the market to unforeseeable situations (pandemic, requirements of the FOPH, etc.)

Liability claims cannot be asserted as a result of these adjustments.

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