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brushEX® is an eraser brush for water-soluble inks on paper. Test thebrushEX® first on a piece of paper, because not all papers are suitable. Stroke over the area to be erased with the brush pen and don't worry about the color smearing.
Let the liquid soak in and the written text will magically disappear. After a sufficient drying phase, the paper can be overwritten, stamped and painted over in the same place with the same color pen or another water-based paint. The process can be repeated as often as you like - but be careful, if there is too much moisture, the paper can soften or a yellowish stain can form. This yellowish stain can be removed by a second erasing process after it has dried completely.

The eraser brush contains small amounts of bleach. The chemical ingredients smell similar to cleaning agents. Please read the package leaflet before use.

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