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PIGMENT DECOBRUSH - Acrylic Brush Marker by KARIN.


The perfect acrylic brush marker for use on dark surfaces.

The beautiful colors of the Karin Pigment Decobrush are suitable for lettering and illustrations and paint opaquely on almost all surfaces.


Pigment DecoBrush are opaque acrylic paints encased in a marker with a flexible, brush-like tip. To create, simply shake the marker. Colors can be combined, brightened and blended. Color transitions are achieved by touching the tips or directly on the painted surface. Opaque acrylic paint can be used to paint directly on various surfaces such as glass, paper, plastic, wood, stone, canvas  with layers and color mixing. After drying, they are lightfast, permanent and opaque.


Pigment DecoBrush markers contain 2.4 ml non-toxic opaque colors based on organic pigments. They are made with the so-called "free - ink" technology and allow the consumption of 100% of the ink contained.

KARIN Pigment Decobrush "Curry"

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  • Here you can download care instructions and the correct handling of the KARIN Pigment Decobrush.

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